Entry and exit network

Entry and exit network

"Now, there are the Kincaids," he went on. Kent had been

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What else is he fit for? I tell yo' oor Bob--"

"--'Oor Bob'!" screamed the little man darting forward. " 'Oor Bob'! Hark to him. I'll 'oor--' At him, Wullie! at him!"

But the Tailless Tyke needed no encouragement. With a harsh roar he sprang through the air, only to crash against the closing door!

The outer door banged, and in another second a mocking finger tapped on the windowpane.

"Better luck to the two on yo' next time! laughed a scornful voice; and David ran down the hill toward Kenmuir.


FROM that hour the fire of M'Adam's jealousy blazed into a mighty flame. The winnling of the Dale Cup had become a mania with him. He had won it once, and would again despite all the Moores, all the Gray Dogs, all the undutiful sons in existence; on that point he was resolved. The fact of his having tasted the joys of victory served to whet his desire. And now he felt he could never be happy till the Cup was his own--won outright.

At home David might barely enter the room There the trophy stood.